10 Bluetooth headphones

10 Bluetooth Headphones

1. Bose Quiet Comfort

Bose audio quality is always amazing, and the brand is just one of those that gives you confidence in the product. These Bose QuietComfort Wireless Bluetooth headphones are also extremely comfortable with good padding. The Bose QC35 headphones have a rechargeable battery, and you can even get a car charger for them. The battery life is great, and you can use them for up to 20 hours if battery when using wireless. If you use them in wired mode they will last for 40 hours of battery life.

Bose Bluetooth Headphone

2. Bowers and Wilkins P7

They feel really luxurious and everything about them is just the very best. The quality of the material is great, just like the sound quality. You can charge them from your laptop with the included USB cable when you have used them for 17 hours and the battery has run out. They come with a 2-year limited warranty.

Bowers and Wilkins Bluetooth Headphone

3. AKG N60NC

These are wireless on-ear headphones, which means that they don’t cancel out very much background noise. This can be a good thing though, for example if a family member is trying to communicate with you. It can also be safer if you use wireless on-ear headphones when walking where there is lots of traffic, so that you can hear cars coming.The sound is good, but it’s good to be aware of that they are on-ear and don’t have any active noise cancelling, so it’s good as long as you’re in a pretty quiet environment.

AKG Bluetooth Headphone

4. Marshall Mid ANC

There is definitely nothing to complain about with this Marshall Mid ANC Bluetooth headset, it delivers the sound you expect it to, and it’s a very nice experience to use it. The Marshall Mid ANC headphones don’t have any noise cancelling, so they’re best used in reasonably quiet environments.The Marshall Mid ANC headphones have the classic Marshall design with black vinyl, solid metal hinges, and brass details and the quality is outstanding.

Marshall Bluetooth Headphone

5.Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BTWH

They have soft memory foam ear pads that make them comfortable. The battery is supposed to last up to 38 hours of battery, which is amazing! They remember up to eight Bluetooth wireless devices.The headphones have ok sound, but the bass is lacking. But if you don’t care too much about bass, you’ll be fine.

Audio-Technica Bluetooth Headphone

6. Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser is an amazing brand that makes great headphones and we are really in love with these Sennheiser Momentum Wireless noise-cancelling headphones! They are on-ear, closed back as opposedand they offer a 2-year warranty. There are two versions of this pair of wireless headphones, one for Android phones and one for iPhones, so that they really work well with whatever device you’re listening to.The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless noise-cancelling headphones use “active noise cancelling”, so it’s a little bit like a superhero using the villain’s powers to strike back! They do leak a little bit, so the people on the bus might be able to guess what you’re listening to.

Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphone

7. Sony Premium

The neckband vibrates when you get incoming phone calls, which is pretty cool. The Sony MDR100ABN headphones have active noise cancelling, which is quite rare in earphones, but it seems like it affects the sound quality a bit, so it’s probably better to save the noise cancelling for the times that you really need it. The battery life is up to 10 hours when you use the noise cancelling but will of course be longer if it’s not on. It’s really good that the Sony MDR100ABN headphones have active noise cancelling, for those annoying flights and bus rides, and the sound are good enough

Sony Bluetooth Headphone

8. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

These B&O PLAY headphones are great when you want to treat yourself. The headphones provide you with great sound, but you do save a little bit of money since they lack active noise cancelling. They’re easy to use and a single touch is enough to answer phone calls via the touch controls, change track or adjust the volume, and you can use them while wearing gloves.The battery time is up to 20 hours, which is really good, but you can of course use them with the cord if you run out of battery or want to increase the sound quality.As we mentioned, Bang & Olufsen never disappoint, and the sound of the B&O PLAY headphone set is exceptional.

Perhaps Bluetooth Headphone

9.Zakk H04 Blaze

Fully wireless, comfortable, high quality headphones Built-in microphone with noise-cancelling technology Built-in SD card readerBattery capacity 450 mah Audio connector: 3.5Mm Perfect for sports, running, jogging and gym exercise, watching tv, or sleep. Compatible with apple watch, Fitbit and smart watch also. Device compatibility- zakk blaze easily connects with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as windows, android, iPhone, iPad. It also works with desktop and laptop computers.

Zakk Blaze Bluetooth Headphone

10.Leaf Beast

Leaf Beast Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: Leaf Beast Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is indeed the monster you’re looking for. Packed with a powerful 40mm drivers and an incredible battery life of 30 hours with a standby time of 300 hours, it is designed for an non-stop wireless music experience. A speaker resistance of 32 Ohm & sensitivity range of 110dB (+/- 2)dB minimizes any distortion of sound quality and that’s why you are guaranteed an unbelievable audio experience. It also has the ever-green aux port which works even when there is no charge left in the headphones. So sit back and just #CutTheNoise

Leaf Beast Bluetooth Headphone

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